Water drips onto the air filter in our upright AC unit


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Water drips onto the air filter in our upright AC unit

We had an a/c system put in our basement to supply the first floor a few years ago (and there's another system in the attic for the 2nd floor).

This one in the basement is vertical, with the incoming air coming up from the bottom of the unit, cooled then goes out to the ducts from the top.

I've noticed when changing the filter (at the bottom of the unit, just above the incoming ductwork), that it's got water on it - condensation from the coil above it I guess). Certainly not much. THe system does have a drain line that IS working and there IS water flowing out to the sump pump. I would think most all of the condensate is being collected. just a little bit drips on the filter. 2 teaspoons type of quantity.

Any thoughts on

1) the units aren't really supposed to be mounted vertically?
2) ok for vertical, but water is unavoidable?
3) ok for vertical and do this to get those last bits of water into the condensate tray / piping?

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It could be splash. It could be internal condensation on the ductwork. It could be a condensate drain system with no trap. You have to visibly look for the problem and it may not be easy to see in there.
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Thank you! I guess i have to google how to get in there - all I open at this point is the slot for the filter. But of course, there's got to be other screws / panels I can open.

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