Replace r22 with which gas?


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Replace r22 with which gas?

I have old HVAC unit. Compressor is like 45 years old and runs great. It is not any more noisier than newer units. Inside unit (air handler and heat elements ) unit is like 25 years old.

I have seen many online examples with HVAC tech replacing r22 with r410 or r407c.

I recently serviced AC unit for low freon and tech was telling me it was not possible in my unit to replace r22 with either r410 for r407c but he did mention another gas (I forgot name) which can be used.

He told me, there is network of thin tune inside air handler unit and due to age they pop open and one can't seal them as if you seal one then other one will pop open. he suggested I could use some refurbished/salvaged unit to replace ONLY inside air handler unit. This way I can save lot more money than replacing whole unit.

People replace their HVAC if either compressor or air handler unit goes bad. I think he might be trying to sell me some unit he got free. He does both sale and service HVAC units.

Is this feasible? Or he is just trying to get best mileages for his junk collection?
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You need to find a commercial service company that is familiar with ALL of the replacement refrigerant options.
Household airconditioning units hold a miniscule amount of rerigerant compared to commercial units.
What would a commercial refrigeration tech tell a commercial a/c owner that needs a couple of hundred lbs of refrigerant in a tens of thousand dollar system compared to maybe five lbs in a home a/c ?
He certainly would be given more options to extend the life of his system, unlike what an uninformed or less than honest house a/c tech might offer.

There are several alternate refrigerant options where you would either replace the compressor oil along with the refrigerant or there are also straight drop-in types .

There are pros and cons when making the choice of a replacement refrigerant and you should as I suggested call a commercial company that is familiar with them all.
There are regional preferences with these refrigerants and really can't suggest a type.

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