DeLong Hi Portable AC


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DeLong Hi Portable AC

Model# PACAN125 HPEC-3A------Serial # 41122 (9000053P03330)
With the unit running the AC display drops from 75 to 65 in two minutes and unit goes off on temp. The unit comes back on in about 5 minutes and have to set temp to 61 to keep unit running. I cleaned the unit before starting it this year. Took it apart and cleaned the parts. Do you know where the temp probe is in case I moved it by mistake?
Also if I take the air filter off (it has been cleaned,have tried a different air filter) the unit runs OK. If I put the filter back on it does the same thing and goes off. Any ideas.
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You shouldn't be able to miss the temperature probes. They both should be in front of the evaporator coil and behind the front grill. Typically they are white but not always. One is called a freeze protect sensor and should be very close to or on the coil. The other one senses incoming air and regulates the A/C. That one should not be touching and be as far away as possible from the coil.

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