Condensate question


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Condensate question

i have a new system and there are two condensate drain ports out of the unit. One goes down to the pump and the other one is just open. The main line that goes to the pump is apparently clogged since there’s no water in the pump. The other opening about 2 inches away is where the water is coming out of onto the ground in the crawl space. The pvc going to the pump has a j trap as well. I plan on using a snake and trying to clear it or replace it. My main question is can I also put another pvc piping from the second drain hole into the pump, or is it open for a vent/flow reason.
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This sounds like the a/c overflow that is not supposed to be open. Can you post pics and model numbers to show what you have?
Lots of times this is added to protect the system (shuts it down) when things get backed up.
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You need to know when water is coming out of the overflow drain.
It needs to be run so either it's visible or you need to add a float switch to that fitting. The float gets wired into the condenser so that it shuts off when the main line clogs.

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