wire connected to compressor run capacitor is melted


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wire connected to compressor run capacitor is melted

Hi guys,

We recently had our HVAC system inspected and we got the follow picture. The system is working. I replaced the capacitor 2 years ago myself. Now i want to replace the capacitor again and the melted wire as well. Hope someone can help me with the following questions: Is the wiring to the capacitor corrected? the system been working for 2 years, i doubt there's any problem with wiring but why is the wire melted and does it seem right to have two wires connect to same terminal? how do i get an exact wire for replacement? Thanks

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Your picture is so small, it's difficult to see the wiring. The usual cause for wires to burn is a bad connection (high resistance). Make sure that all the terminals are tight and clean to ensure that you have good connections. You will probably have to "make" a wire to replace the the burned wire. You'll have to purchase the correct terminals and a crimping tool to crimp the connectors to the wire. If the existing wire is long enough, you may be able to cut off the burned end of the wire and crimp a new terminal onto it.
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Usually on a single cap there are only two wires. Yours is using the one terminal as a high amperage splice point. Not sure if that was done by the manufacturer or a change was made. There is nothing wrong with it but the crimp terminals need to be good quality and fit tight.

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