Friedrich thru the wall A/C: not consistently cooling


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Friedrich thru the wall A/C: not consistently cooling

We have a three year old Friedrich thru the wall AC that has started acting up. During the heat of the day it doesn't seem to be cooling consistently. At night it will freeze you out of the room but in the day it's not. The fan's running but the compressor hardly seems to run more than a few minutes before stopping. A thermostat problem or something else??

I initially thought I had solved it by buying some evap cleaner and thoroughly cleaning out the outside coil. It didn't look particularly dirty but for a few days after it was cooling great again but today we hit another day where it's not.

I'd appreciate any direction on what to look for as the likely culprit.

The filter is clean. The inside coils were cleaned as well when I cleaned the outside and I've checked and the path for the condensate to run to the outside part of the unit is clear. I've got a couple of much older through the wall units that are working fine. We're pretty consistent about keeping their filters clean, etc. So it's unusual for us to get such a short life out of a unit.


PS Meant to add, it's not icing up either. My experience at least with past air conditioners was that was a sure sign of a freon leak. It's cooled fine for two years and still does at night (when obviously it's cooler). It just doesn't seem to be actually trying to cool during the day. The compressor will run for a few minutes every now and then and shut off as if it's gotten cool.

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Welcome to the forums.

Better A/C's like that usually have two sensors in front of the evaporator (cold coil). One sits directly on or very close to the coil. This is for freeze/icing control. The second one controls the compressor and must be as far away from the coil as possible.

I'd need to the model number for more detailed information.
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Thanks Pete - this is the Model Number - CP08G10B

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