Hard-wired In-Wall AC unit compressor wont turn on


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Hard-wired In-Wall AC unit compressor wont turn on


Hoping someone can provide advice for me.
I have a friend with an in-wall GE AC unit that was installed last winter. Electrician hard-wired the unit to a switch, which required cutting off the plug. The plug had reset button.
The fan works, but the compressor does not. Not sure it ever worked since it was installed in the winter, but it was bought brand new.
Anyway, instructions say to hit the reset button if the fan works, but not the compressor. No reset button anymore.
Friend talked to GE support who said to purchase a new plug and plug it into the wall.
He has the plug, and asked if I could change the switch into a socket for it.
I said sure, no problem, but I dont know if that gets us anywhere.
Does the reset button do anything but serve as an overload switch, such as resetting the compressor somehow? If it's just an overload protection, I don't think re-attaching the plug will help. Seems like the problem would be something else.
Here are links for the AC unit and the plug we're planning to attach.


Any help would be appreciated.


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Id bet money it is a ground fault plug he cut off. Id never hire that guy again. It should not have anything to do with the compressor.
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I would agree,

I would not spend that money on a replacement GFI power cord. That is for ground fault protection of the entire unit. That would not be the cause of the compressor not running.

Since it was installed in the past winter..... it could very well be under warranty. However..... when the plug was cut off.... the warranty was voided.

That's an awful expensive A/C for a 12kBtu unit. I see $800-1000. I see it's also a 240v unit which is surprising on a small unit.

Not sure where you stand. Definitely worth repairing. A tech would need to reinstall a new cord as he couldn't leave it like that. A diagnosis would need to be made of the compressor issue. Is you friend sure that he's setting it properly to get cold ?

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