Tech replaced capacitor, cooled for an hour now no cold air


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Tech replaced capacitor, cooled for an hour now no cold air

This morning we realized the air coming from the vents wasnt cold. Called tech. He arrived late this evening. Said it was a capacitor and replaced it. It was blowing cold air like it should for maybe 2 hours. Then nothing. It's barely moving any air and it's not cold like it should be. Same as before. Any ideas?
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Welcome to the forums.

Doesn't sound like the same problem.

Obviously you need to call the tech back but if I had to guess at the problem based on your description..... your system is low on refrigerant (charge) and your evaporator (cold coil) has iced over.

Reduced airflow caused by a dirty filter will also cause the coil to ice up. You can try turning the system to FAN ON for several hours to see if it unthaws. If you can see the condensation flow from your unit..... it should increase drastically as it unthaws.

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