Need advice on York Central Air


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Need advice on York Central Air

I have two York central units (1 per floor). I use the house as a single family, but i'm guessing it must have been used as a two family at some point(my guess)

One unit is about 17 years old; The other is a little older (say approx 19-20 years)
Both units are working fine so far. They haven't given me problems outside of adding R-22 freon.

The second floor unit got a 1 lb charge of Freon R-22 last April '18
The first floor unit got a 1 lb charge about two years ago.
Since, R-22 refrigerant was added I assume that both units have leaks(small leaks).

Ideally, I would like to prolong the life of both units, so my options are:
1) Have both units filled with R-22 to the max at end of summer in early October and hope it last 2-3 years.
2) Fill both with R-22 and try to fix the leaks by myself. Using a product like Easy Seal? Do techs have better products that seal small leaks?
3) Have technician fixed the leaks & fill both units to the max with R-22.
4) Replace the units at end of this summer
5) My inside unit says it can use R-22 or R410A, is it worth converting it? My guess is it will be almost as expensive as buying a new unit?

My preference would be option 2 as I think the conversion and having the tech fix all the leaks will be very expensive?

Any thoughts or products that can help detect leaks & fix them for at least a few years?

So what option would be the best bet?

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1) topping off.... off season ? Not the most cost effective way to go.
3) This would be the ideal choice. However with the age.... the leaks may not be able to be repaired easily.
4) One pound in a year is not terrible..... although any leak is not wanted.
5) With 17+ year old equipment..... you wouldn't be reusing the inside coils.
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Have leaks repaired or replace the systems. Topping off is bad.

Leak repair may not be worth it on equipment this age - depends on where the leaks are.

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