AC Condensation Jumping Off Coils, Leaking and freezing

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AC Condensation Jumping Off Coils, Leaking and freezing

I want to thank you all for taking the time to read this and possibly answer my questions.

Ive been trying to solve my hvac problem for a couple years now. The issues started at the end of the 2017 summer where it would stop cooling after a long period of time, and it would be leaking all over the floor. Based on what I read, I told multiple HVaC technicians that I thought the coils were freezing. They checked for leaks, found none. One added refrigerant, the next told me it was overcharged and took it out.

Now the system cools fine to begin, but it starts leaking right near the condensation pan within 10 min of turning it on. I should mention that it is only 2 years old.

I finally decided to unseal and rip open the side of the duct work as there is no access panel. I took a video of the water seemingly jumping off the coil outside the condensation pan. This is why it was leaking. Itís not even getting to the condensation pipe. I have flushed that and there is no clog.

I look under through the small gap below the coils, and I see some obvious disgusting debris under one side of the coil. I want to clean it so badly, but I canít seem to access the underside without trying to take off the top part of the coil. But I canít unscrew the screws without dismounting the duct that has all of the pipe work.

I know I need professional help ( mental and hvac after this)

My questions are:

Could all my issues be linked to a dirty coil on the underside?

If so, is there anything I can do to handle this issue on my own?

if I do call an hvac technician, what should I expect to be a reasonable amount to pay for cleaning the coils, knowing that itís a complete pain in the ass to get there?

Please see the following video and pictures.

Pictures of setup and dirty underside of coil :

Video of jumping condensation causing leaks and eventual coil freeze?
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To pump down the system, remove the evaporator coil, take it outside and wash it with a water hose would be at least a $500 job in my area. Possibly more.

After cleaning the coil would need to get brazed back into the system, the filter/ drier would need to be replaced, a vacuum would need to be pulled.

It would be a good idea to fix the return air leak or start using an air filter to prevent this job every two years.

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