Water dripping from evaporator coil! Please Help!!!

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Water dripping from evaporator coil! Please Help!!!

There is water dripping from the bottom of my evaporator coil underneath the inside air handler.
Iíve used a shop vac and a garden hose to flush the drain line. The drain line has a consistent drip coming from it. However, I still get constant dripping from the evaporator coil. The drain line doesnít appear to be clogged at all.

What could be causing this? The A/C unit is only 1 year old, so the drain pan isnít rusted and everything is still in good condition.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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Humid weather and proper AC operation causes moisture to be created called condensate (water).
You say you checked the piping going outside and it is clear. That means there is a blockage somewhere between the condensate pan and the condensate drain line.
Find your model number and search the web and get a idea where the condensate pan is and how to check it.
It might just be out of level. If the pan is out of level then it will not drain into the pipe.
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Welcome to the forums.

Condensate is supposed to drip off the coil and into the drain pan.
Is the water being splattered inside the unit and not dripping into the internal pan or is there water leaking out of the unit ?

Keep in mind that if the air handler is installed where if water leaked it could cause damage..... it will have an overflow pan below it. There should never be any water in the overflow pan. On a one year old system I would doubt the drain is clogged. If I had to hazard a guess as to the problem...... your air handler is running under a vacuum and not allowing the water to drain out. That is usually caused by the lack of a drain trap.

On a one year old system..... you should be calling the installer back because something has not been installed correctly.
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There could be residues on the evaporator coil, even from an accumulation of spider webs, causing the condensate to run and drip in an uncanny fashion and miss the drain pan ad eventually come out down below onto the floor.

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