Need some info to prevent damage to my AC.

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Need some info to prevent damage to my AC.

i have heard and read about the outside machine needing some space to breath (about 75 cm +). Thing is i have been told its fine as it is. I would like your guys opinion on this. So the space on the front side up to the tent is 25cm and the sides are totally free to breath. Can this work as it is in that space without damage? Or will it be a problem for it to work right?

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Hi, hard to tell what’s going on in that pic, what are the mfg. specs for clearances?
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This is outside. It's fine , don't worry about it.
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Mfg says it need at least 30cm at the back side space to the obstruction, 30cm to 50 cm for the sides and at least 200cm at the front! 2 meters space for the front side??? Isnt that alot? I have 25cm space at the front.. This is installed outdoors by the way. How could this be a big problem since its just blowing from the front side? Could someone explain to me what kind of problem can occur if its got just 25cm or working space in the front? Thanks in advance.
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They just dont want people to store stuff or put shrubs next to the condenser, plus if it ever needs to be worked on you need some room.

As long as the area around the unit is clear your good!
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Your fan is going to have to work harder as air flow will be affected,
Also the unit will be less efficient.
Odds are high that the warm air being pushed out the front will be sucked back in the intake vents so you are trying to cool the condenser coils with this warm air.
This could effect your warranty.
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Thank you for the replies guys really appreciate it. Ill try relocate it before summer then since thats when the heat it gonna affect it the most.
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You do have a potential problem
If your unit is installed correctly the fan draws air from the rear which is shown as the RH side and blows out the front.
A lot of the air that hits the wall in front of it will be deflected back to be drawn into the fan again.
If you have a good breeze blowing through that space then the warm air will be displaced but when it is calm and quite hot outside the condensing unit would likely overheat.

There for sure woud be no warranty on this unit.
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The front side from where the compressor have to vent the air is too close to the wall. . The relocation is the best idea. The compressor does not work efficiently in congested areas. The wall is just in front of the air flow restricting the exit as well as throwing it back.

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