Water leaking from Weather King A/C near condensate outlet

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Water leaking from Weather King A/C near condensate outlet

Earlier today, my air conditioner turned off. I realized that the water switch had activated. There was water leaking out of the area where the condensate drain connects. I heard my condensate pump activating, and there didnít seem to be any backup in that area of the line (from the the pump to outside). After drying everything off and resetting the switch, I put the AC back on. Water almost immediately started leaking from the unit (near the condensate connection). I took the front panel off, and there didnít seem to be any water in the pan. It is badly rusted, which may be a concern. I got a brush and cleaned the condensate connection line. I was thinking about starting the unit with the cover off, so I could see the water. However, I wasnít sure if itís okay to put the AC on with the coil exposed. I put it back in place, started the unit, and there has been no leak. Is it really this simple? Maybe there was algae or mold at the connection point? If this were clogged, would water leak that quickly? The pan seemed deep enough that it would take more than a few seconds for it to overflow. I appreciate any help. I apologize in advance for the poor explanation. I am very new at working with HVAC, so I have a lot to learn.
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There is no universal A/C condensation line drain installation so without us seeing what you have it's really hard to comment. From what I've seen here.... at least 50% of the installations are wrong. Sometimes the air handler keeps a vacuum on the drain line and that causes problems. When a drain line clogs.... it's usually right at the drain to pan connection. Flushing with hot water and bleach will clear out the algae and other gunk that builds up.

Posting a few pictures would be a big help..... How-to-insert-pictures.

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