Condensate drain issues


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Condensate drain issues

Having issues with water on the floor around the hvac. First time it happened service crew came out split the drain line, blew it out and was fine. Happened again so I used a vacuum to suck and seemed to help for about a week, since I couldnít get anything to snake back into the line. I have 2 pictures of the drain line shown and how it is run, from everything I have seen I should probably have a tee on the trap so I can clean that out and considering putting a 3 way elbow on the right side with a cap as well to make the horizontal run something I can clean out.

Does this seem reasonable or does anyone have any other ideas of what could be going on?


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It would have been nice if they had installed some unions so it could have been taken apart easier to clean.

The height on the LH side of the trap should be lower, is that a second line tying into the vertical pipe down low?

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Welcome to the forums.

A lot of damage can be done when compressed air used to blow out a condensate line connected to a condensing furnace. The water can be driven into the burner. I like making the two easily dis-connectable.

Anyway..... more than likely the problem is not the condensate line. Nine out of ten times.... the problem is right at the coil. I put two arrows in your picture. The red is the primary drain and the blue is the secondary drain. The clog is directly on the other side of the drain fittings. I install a short piece of 3/4" PVC pipe, a 90, a short piece up with a cap. The cap can be taken off and some hot water and bleach poured in. It will dissolve the clog and clean the line.

You can also cut the PVC pipe to the right of the new coupler and replace it after cleaning.
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The second line is from the humidifier.

also, I see where the main line is, when you say a short piece of pvc then a 90 would that be essentially where the first 90 is located off the hvac on the right (thatís where I was Considering doing the 3 way 90 that would leave a vertical piece up as well to clean out both ways.

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