A/C breaker oversized ?

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A/C breaker oversized ?

We had a local HVAC company out today for a maintenance/inspection of our HVAC system. We built the house new 3.5 years ago and this is the first time weve had anyone out.

He noted that there was a code violation with my AC breaker. The AC unit tag calls for a 25 amp breaker but their is a 30 amp breaker in the box. Is this a problem?

At 3.5 years out should I be able to go back to the builder on it?Thanks
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There should be several amperages listed on the ID tag.
MCA - minimum circuit ampacity
MOCA - maximum over current ampacity.
What size wire did they run ?

Also.... you are allowed to go up to the next size if the needed size is not available.
The 25A breaker is not standard while 30A is.
Your HVAC guy should know this.
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Every AC breaker I’ve seen is a 30 or a double pull 20/20. Unless the AC unit is in danger of faulting and the breaker keeps the live connection open hence damaging the unit or causing a fire, I’d say your okay. Honestly I’d check the ac unit outside it’ll say on the info sticker. And in the end, to change a breaker is extremely easy. Just kill the main, copy the current setup, and NEVER TOUCH THE MAIN WIRES CONNECTED TO THE MAIN BREAKER. Now, going bigger would sometimes need a larger wire size. But rarely if going slightly smaller.
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If the maximum overcurrent protection (fuse or circuit breaker) listed on the nameplate is 25 amps then it should be protected by that size fuse or breaker. There may be 25 amp fuses in the disconnect on the house next to the unit. It is often easier to find 25 amp fuses than breakers.
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