Air blowing out front of Trane Furnace

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Air blowing out front of Trane Furnace

I have a Trane system installed with a heat pump for our home. Right now, the AC is on since we are in the middle of summer. System is about 6 yrs old.

To set the stage , I had a issue in Jan where the heat pump was not functioning. HVAC cmae out and checked inside the unit in the basement and outside.. All was ok. Swapped out the filter and it worked ok.

I changed the filter twice since then, and it seems ok.

Last night I went down and was going to check the filter and noticed alot of air coming out the area where the drian pipe comes out and from the left side and above the filter door. The top area where the cool is located above the filter door is not even with the filter door. It is out about 3/4 of an inch.

I had to put painter tape around the offset and stuff paper towel around the pcv to prevent the air from blowing out .

See attached pics.

I don't know why the air is blowing out other than the top area is not flush with the filter door.

I assume this is not normal.
What could be pushing out the panal above the filter door?

The screws holding the top look to be tight.


Top is Offset and not flush with filter door

About 3/4 out

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I am assuming this condition has existed for 6 months and not 6 years or you and the HVAC guy are not very observant. I am also assuming the furnace and heat pump are Trane products. The furnace box contains the blower and the box above the furnace box contains the heat pump evaporator coils which are connected via piping to the outside heat pump unit. The box contaning the heat pump evap coils is normally attached to the furnace box because the evap coil's weight must be supported. This same box should be connected to the distribution ducting using a vibration isolating material since both the blower motor and the piping to the evap coils are sources of vibration. My guess is the box above the furnace box is not attached to the furnace box and vibration over time has caused it to shift relative to the furnace box. Check this attachment for missing screws and also secure the piping before it enters the evap coils.
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Hi, are all of the supply registers open , could be to much back pressure, did the system ever work correctly?
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This is a Trane System. I don't recall if the HVAC guy had the top part off when he checked.
If I recall, the top and bottom were flush even at one time

I do assume the air should not be blowing that much out of the front?

When it was installed, I recall the explaining to the company that the air was not coming out of the registers very much on the 3 rd floor.
They said to close the registers on the floors in the rooms that were not occupied to force the air up.
Did that and it did not help much

I do not see and attached document. I am on my cell so it may not be seen

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