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Moderator Positions Available For Qualified Professionals.

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10-04-00 until 11-04-30
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Moderator Positions Available For Qualified Professionals.

This forum topic and all forum topics are always opened to accepting applications for the positions of moderators within the topics. All forum topics are available. Serious and qualified applicants only need apply.

New member applicants are welcomed to apply for moderator positions. However, it is advisable to be on this web site for several months and already be posting replies before applying. Evaluations will be done. Always helpful to the member sending me their personal message (PM) requesting a promotion, does so by demonstrating they can follow all the instructions outlined below. There are many requests sent. Most of them due not comply to the requirements below. First impressions are lasting impressions. Make your promotional request a first time lasting impression.

All new applicants must have professional skills, knowledge & experiences both specific and generalized within the topic(s) of their choice. Preferably working as a qualified and well trained, skilled professional, company agent or employee, representative and/or in your own business, etc. Qualified applicants ONLY need apply. All others whom request a promotion will be denied the promotion.

Selected candidates must be willing and able to check their forum topic(s) and post replies daily and/or as often as is reasonably possible. No ads and/or advertisements, etc. are ever allowed by anyone.

Interested parties should advise any existing moderator(s) in the forum topic(s) of your desire to moderate within the topic(s) of your expertise. Additional instructions are also in the help wanted sticky note in the forum topics. Application does not ensure a promotion.

Please be sure to include at least your real first name, your DIY web sites registered member name, a brief resume and your email address. You may elect to have the existing moderator(s) recommend you for a promotion. Request the existing moderator(s) you notify forward your Personal Message (PM) to me with his/her evaluation and recommendation.

Be sure to read both announcements pertaining to the Web Sites Rules, Policies and Posting content information before applying. The rules, policies and posting content applies to all moderators, as well as all members. There are no exceptions allowed to the Web Sites Rules, Policies and Posting content.

Qualities Of A Good Moderator: (Brief Overview) A moderator should be an expert in his/her field of expertise in order to ensure the poster is given the most accurate and detailed information possible.

Moderators are expected to provide fair and unbiased information from the prospective of being a professional. Moderators generally earn respect by providing professional advice, suggestions, fair evaluations, comments and impartial behavior.

Moderators are required to monitor and manage all content within their topics and postings. Being polite and always using diplomacy while being firm when dealing with the rule violators and policy breakers, is a must.

Moderators should have fluent language proficiency skills, good typing skills and in-depth knowledge on the subject material of the discussions within the topic in which they moderate.

Moderators should not participate in controversial discussions on sensitive topics. *Avoid expressing strong and/or extreme opinions.* When a topic under discussion is hijacked by a member and the discussion threatens to get out of hand, a moderator is expected to step in to prevent a war of words from breaking out. (Management Skills, Tact and Diplomacy Are All Very Beneficial.)

Equally as important is keeping order in the forum topics. A requirement that all moderators maintain a constant good working relationship with other moderators. Any disputes and/or disagreements between moderators must be dealt with privately. All dealings with each other must be on a professional level and never in the forum topics. Leave your baggage at home also.

Do It Yourself.com is the most professional web site of it's kind on the Internet. And it must and will be kept that way, in the best interests of the web site and the professionals whom moderate the forum topics. There will be no exceptions made to anyone whom cannot conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.

No Ads, Advertisements, Solicitations, Surveys, Spam and/or Pyramid Schemes, Etc. Are Allowed. Kindly read the announcements in every forum topic.

Want to join our team of moderator professionals? Do you meet all the above requirements? Are you willing to be on site daily, manage and monitor the content of each post, post your own replies to questions asked and do so in a professional manner and adhere to the rules of the site? Apply Now. Excellent Opportunities for the right person and/or persons.

Part Time & Flexible Hours. Great Working Environment.

No commuting.....Work From Home. Apply On-line.

Compensations Offered: ZERO.

Moderator Pay: ZERO.

Moderator Health and Retirement Benefits: NONE.

Rewards: PLENTY....Self Satisfaction Helping Other Members.

Sincerely, Web Site Managers, Staff Members and Administrators. Sharp Advice. Web Site Host, Moderator Hiring Agent, Moderator Team Leader & Multiple Topics Moderator.

Staff and Management Note: This announcement and all other announcements are not to be edited nor removed without consent of diy staff management personal and/or myself.

All announcements and/or forum topic stickies are subject to revisions and/or editing by management staff personal and/or myself without prior notifications.

This announcement supersedes all forum topic stickies. Updated 07/15/2010
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