What are some of your high mileage cars?


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Originally posted by Joe_F
Yup, the 3.8 GM with fuel injection is pretty thrifty.
One thing I've always wondered about the 3800's is what gives
them that characteristic sound that the 3100's don't have? It's
like a Rochester Quadrajet or a Holley 4-barrel at WOT. Is
the intake manifold tuned or just a wide open space on the other side of the throttle?
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Probably in the intake or exhaust note design.

If you think that's throaty, get behind an old GM V8
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Lastest work beater--1991 v-6 beretta--wifes old car. 143k, have owned since 28k. Oil every 3k, tranny fluid/filter--twice, brakes/rotors/calipers/wheel cylinders--twice, tires--twice, battery--once, alternator--once, waterpump--twice, struts/mounts--once, fuel filter--twice, belt--twice, hoses--once, plugs--once, O2 sensor--once, several coolant/oil leaks--corrected, power steering just started to leak at pump, and the rack has some play in it. Seems like alot--but none of them were expensive to fix--and it starts everyday of the year, gets 24-28mpg, and does not use a drop of oil between changes. Recently, replaced the valve cover gaskets and the inside of them looked brand new--no sludge at all! Oh, ya, the AC and rear defroster have not worked for years! LOL!
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Forgot to add the most impressive part--the car has sat outside all its life and has been driven every winter in PA and MI--and it has no rust anywhere!--and the paint will still shine if you wash it(which I only do couple times a year).
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ops, sorry, even more impressive than the paint/body is the exhaust system (it is all original). ok, I'm done now!
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Talking Hi gh mileage cars

1. 2nd owner 86 cad. tranny went out at 76,000, Rebuilt with welded vanes. 4.1 liter engine got water in oil at 78,000(common) and died. I was so po'd at Cad quality I put in the NEW engine myself. Put in Brand new 4.1 L engine have run it till now 2007 with 215,000 miles. The original 4.1 was a poor design, according to the service mgr.

2. 1996 Nissan pathfinder. Runs good, passed smog last month. 14 mpg average in Ventura County, CA. 168,000 miles.
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Pretty ancient thread you've resurrected, but here's my update:

Last post:

1994 Chevy W-4: 343,000 and still going strong
1995 Camry: 150,000


1994 Chevy W-4: 485,000/on third engine & second tranny
1995 Camry: traded it off at 175,000 miles and it was still humming along nicely
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1994 Jeep grand cherokee

Original 5.2l engine, transmission rebuilt.
286792 miles as of this morning. Still runs great does not burn oil.
regular oil changes are the single most important thing to have an engine run a long time. Once they start burning oil it is too late, the damage is done.
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1996 Ford Taurus

159000 miles 3.0L original transmission and still going strong!
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Dad's '79 Chev Impala 350, V8 had over 300,000 mi.
My '86 Ford Bronco II 2.9L V6 had over 255,000 mi. and my current war wagon 2001 Chev Malibu 3.1L V6 has 167,000 and still going, shooting for 300,000 !
It all depends on how you take care of it.

Hey ChristopherT....I love the sound of a Quadrajet at full throttle when the secondaries open up and sounds like it's sucking in the hood......Oh yea............
Cha____whaaaaaaaa !
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my ford f-250 2wd

I was given this truck two years ago because the owner's wife was tired of not having a/c. It has 191,000 miles on it and I drive it 5x a week, sixty miles a day and have only replaced the tires,brakes,alternator,belt,filter,and a steel brake line.
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1954 Morris

'54 Morris Minor 1000 - 212k and all original except brakes and 6v battery!

I also have a '59 "1000" engine that was rescued from a lumber saw in Red Hill Virginia that I purchased as a spare but, alas, my MM broke in two as all of them tended to do after time.

Another vehicle that I loved, although it wasn't real high mileage, was my Daf Daffodil (Holland)....this had a two cylinder 4-stroke and was belt driven....to tighten the belt, you used the lug wrench through a hole in the rear bumper and wrenched the differential rearwards to tighten the belt. This was a great car and actually held four people.
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My '85 chevy service truck with 305 and that nice sounding quadrajet has around 300k on it. The original engine started leaking oil pretty bad at around 220k, so I got another engine ready and swapped it in place of it. (It's a service truck, couldn't afford the down-time it would have taken to fix all the leaks). It still ran great though. I got it in 1995, drove it about 2 years and made it into a service truck, and have been pulling a trailer with it almost daily (meaning all day on service calls...in town driving) ever since. Rebuilt the tranny a couple of years ago because of a bad bearing. This truck still has a lot of miles to give me, but it doesn't owe me a single thing.

And the air will freeze you out in short order, even on a hot day.
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1990 Beretta Indy - 3.1 5spd - just rolled 190K - normal 3.1 engine tick, doesnt burn a drop of oil, fast, no rust just paint peel, going to have painted and new engine put in when this one dies

had a 72 dodge dart with a leaning tower of power(slant six), just about 300k when i sold it, still ran good, smoked a bit but still ran good..lol
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886,000 KM
1987 vw Jeta with a diesel and an automatic
Still runs good but body is getting bad under and I am looking for another.
I just bought it used to fix it but I dont want to put too much time and effort into something that wont last long
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Here I am thinking my Caravan was doing great. 3.8 L. It had 280,000kms when the odometer quit. Drove it for 3 more years so I'm assuming maybe another 40-50k.
That works out to approx a paltry 200k miles. It was an junker by that time with bungee cords on the doors and rust everywhere. it ran perfectly, just needed a third tranny.
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Sold a 92 Olds Cutlass Ciera 3.3L V6 last year with 252,000 on it, still ran fine.
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My old work van [1980 GMC] has over 320k. 2nd engine, 2nd tranny, rebuilt rear end and front, 2nd set of seats but the body's original except for the paint
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My brother has a Saturn, (don't know the engine details), that gets forty MPG routinely. He's checked it six ways to Sunday trying to find a mistake in his calculations because he couldn't believe it at first. But, it comes out the same each time. It's only got a bit over a hundred thousand on it. My '89 Jeep, however, has around three hundred thousand on it, gets about twenty five MPG, and still runs fine.
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1993 GMC Jimmy 4X4 with 291,000km, runs like new engine never been touched.
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91 chevy

91 chevy cavalier w/ 250000+ miles on it. Not sure of the actual miles cause the speedometer was broken for several months and never advanced the odometer!
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Thumbs up

My 1988 Buick LeSabre went 312,000 miles before my son sold it, it still ran great. 3800 (3.8 liter) Buick engines are the best ones ever to have come out of an American car manufacturer in my opinion. I also own a '99 Regal with the 3800 and had an '88 LeSabre 2 door that I wish I hadn't sold.
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"My brother has a Saturn, (don't know the engine details), that gets forty MPG routinely. He's checked it six ways to Sunday trying to find a mistake in his calculations because he couldn't believe it at first."

I have a 2002 saturn and we ALWAYS get over 40 mpg. When it was new, we were getting close to 50mpgs. I don't tell people that because they think I'm lying but since you brought it up......... Driving around town we get about 33mpgs. Its amazing. We now have 4 saturns in the family and they are the best cars we have owned. (no I don't work for Saturn)
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2001 kia sephia

i have a 2001 kia sephia with 130,000 miles on it. runs like its brand new. only replaced the tires, brakes, alt, battery, clutch bearing, front right wheel bearing. has never left me stranded on the side of the road. oh yea...this year for inspection, it needed a cat and rear seals. i love my car. drive it 80 miles a day to and from work. 36 miles per gallon. i bought the car new for 11,000. i have put mobil1 in it since day one. put a tornado in it....cant really notice a difference.....guess that was a waste of $60. plan on changing the timing and serp belts soon. i love my car.

my next car will be a kia.
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I bought a 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee that had 14K on it I gave it to my step son with 176K and he has given it to his college student son it now has 237K with no major work done to it so far and keeps going and going...............

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I had a 94 geo prism that had quite a few miles on it and also an 86 volvo station wagon (that my sister crashed). But my parents use to have an 85 Chevy van that really had a lot on it from long road trips.
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OK, the thread is tempting.
1959 Mercedes Diesel, 525,000 miles on it, 42 MPG
1961 Austin Healey, 220,000 miles, 40 MPG
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I'm driving a 2002 Toyota Prius. Getting 45 mpg running the air conditioner all the time. I do 50/50 city/hwy. When I don't run the A/C or the heater I get 52 mpg.
My parents have a 2004 Toyota Prius, they get about 40 mpg, but they are mostly city.
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I had a 1984 BMW 325e that I ran for 253,000 miles. It looked and ran like new at a quarter million miles, and I foolishly let family members talk me into trading it off after 15 years of ownership.

I then bought a new 1999 Mercury Mystique LS with the 2.5 L Duratec V-6 and automatic trans. I currently have 232,000 miles on this car, and it still runs like new. No detectable oil usage.

Both cars averaged 30 mpg pretty consistently. I commute 100 miles daily to work, and often 250 miles on weekend trips to see family.
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[QUOTEI then bought a new 1999 Mercury Mystique LS with the 2.5 L Duratec V-6 and automatic trans. .[/QUOTE]

My wife bought one also. Mechanically the car was great but each window and sun roof had to have the seals replaced 1-2 under warranty. The dash kept curling up and was replaced or worked on 3-4 times. Would have kept the car longer but after the warranty ran out and the same issues kept popping up .......... time to trade.

I assume your car suffered none of these problems
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I bought my daughter a 1992 Saturn SL1, she had 165,000 miles on it. Still ran fine, but finally got rid of it when it wouldn't pass smog. Not one door ding either with those plastic door panels, still looked almost new!
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Volvo and Toyoto cars are high milege cars.

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