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I am fortunate enough to be an electrical consultant to a fabricator building waste-to-diesel conversion plants. Cardboard, straw, stalks, anything a cow will not eat but contains cellulose is used. Out comes diesel oil.

This sounds to me like a better long term solution than making ethanol out of corn and driving up food prices, and diesel could be further cracked by the right refinery process to produce gasoline. I believe a third of landfill or at-sea waste is cellulose and could be cycled into diesel.

I predict in 10 years half of all vehicles on the road will be running diesel from waste. By the way, it is interesting that the first fuel used by Otto Diesel to prove his concept was peanut oil. Biodiesel from refined waste vegetable oils like McDonald's fry oil is also a very interesting issue.

Are there any known studies on the growth of bio/waste diesel fuel production?
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I personally do not hear much at all on the subject. (biodeisel that is)

But I am persuing my own production of it, right here at home and found some interesting sites. Google biodeisel.

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Celulose and diesel

Saw your message

I had run into cellulose conversion to ethanol, but never seen a process for diesel.

Can you reference some information or is it proprietary to your client?

Wouldn't want you to compromise anything, but definitely curious.

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Try the web site:

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The real future of biodiesel is "algae".
Algae produces 15,000 gallons per acre per year compared to the closest being palm oil at 700 gallons per acre.
Plus algae is best grown, co-located with coal/gas electric generation plant where the alga reduces the plants output of carbon. Co-benefit also is you do not have to use food crop acreage.

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