hybrid cars and no spare tire

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hybrid cars and no spare tire

My daughter is weird. She has a 2020 Honda CRV Hybrid. She hates that there is no spare tire. She has already had two flat tires! She bought a spare tire. She hauls the tire out of the back when she needs room for other things. Now she has the idea of getting a roof rack attached to the car for the spare tire. Her birthday is coming up and I kept asking for birthday ideas. She said "a roof rack for my car". She (I think) has the fix a flat fix spray but obviously doesn't like that.

We live in a urban area. She drives maybe 15 miles to work. I suggested "simply" leaving the spare tire in the garage and putting it in the back when she takes vacations or longer trips. But noooooo!

Any reasonable suggestions....is a roof rack a doable idea? She talked to Honda and a RV Mobile Living shop about getting a roof rack but is getting the runaround.
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Doable sure, practical, well that's her decision.

Look into a sport racks like a Thuel.

Only comment, is it going to be safe, that's a lot of weight, I don't recall ever seeing an attachment for a spare tire. Also, if needed does she have the physical strength to haul that thing off the roof, tires are heavy!
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Is the spare tire a compact spare? Maybe a small spare would not have to be removed for regular travel.
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I carry a tire patch kit (don't forget to include a pair of pliers), Fix-A-Flat, and a small air compressor powered by the cigarette socket. If she wants a nice looking roof rack I'd consider one of the aerodynamic cargo pods. It's an expensive option but probably best if carrying a tire on the roof all the time.
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I run into people all the time who are shocked to discover they have a flat and no spare. Okay by me, tire changing is a hot, sweaty job; I'd just as soon tow them to the tire store. As a side note, since nobody EVER checks the air in their spare (when they have one) they are invariably nearly flat, especially older donuts. Doesn't matter to me since I carry air tank, but for the average driver it makes a big difference. With a full size spare, when you put it on and it's low on air, you can tell. With donuts, they can have practically "0" air in them and still look okay. Lost count of the number of donut spares I've seen fail because they were put on without checking pressure.

Moral to all you DIY'ers?: Take time soon to check air in your spare and air them up just in case.
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Thanks to all. Good ideas and still a lot to think about. She wants the tire available so when she calls a tow truck they can change the tire for her. Hopefully they'd get it off the rack or wherever she ends up putting it.
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How about run-flat tires? Obviously more expensive than a single spare, but maybe the old tires could be sold?
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It's all about weight or, rather, removal of weight to maximize fuel economy. I agree that I would be uncomfortable not having a spare but carrying its weight in a way that would also increase drag, she needs to know she is going to see a difference in her mileage.

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