Covered Patio Project - ANY help appreciated!


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Covered Patio Project - ANY help appreciated!

Hello -
I was hoping someone could take a peek at a few pics of my back yard patio and give me some advice. The dilemma is that rather than put a gazebo-type structure out away from the house in the yard, I'd MUCH rather find some way to put up a structure that covers my existing patio, and ties into the existing house design nicely. The problem is that my house has a weird "L" shaped area that the patio sits in, the pitch of the roof seems like it would be very difficult to design a structure that flows with the look of the house.
Please forgive if I'm not posting in the correct section of the forum. Could anyone give advice on this, or point me to someone that could help me? What i'm looking for is a very very rough sketch of some possible designs that would work for incorporating a covered patio.

Here is a link to 3 pictures of the back patio.

I'm basically frustrating myself here, as it seems I just can't seem to get moving with this project. Any help anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated!

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do you just want it covered, or will it be enclosed? Would a roll type awning be something to think about?
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Firstly, to answer your question - I'd recommend a local residential architect or designer to design the structure for you.

You're right, if you try to match the existing pitch of your roof & cover the patio area, you'd end up with a BIG roof. Remember, however, that harmony is not the perfect matching of one thing to another (that would be monotony) but rather the combining of disparate elements to create a visually pleasing composition.

So, my recommendation would be to create a new element in the composition that would cover your patio.

tae's question is good - do you want to enclose the patio to make it weatherproof, or just to keep the sun off, or perhaps sun and bugs? Do you want to cover the entire patio (the chimney is in a difficult spot) or just a portion? What do you want to do with the patio when you are done? Do you want any special things, like built-in seating or an outdoor "kitchen" or grilling area?

you could certainly do a shed type roof that comes off the main portion of your house, going only part way up the roof there (like the little shed roof that covers your bay window now, but larger) that comes out to touch (what I assume is the garage) the garage roof at the end. Hope that makes sense.

Or you could do a freestanding structure that does not try to touch your house at all, but rather gets close, focusing the activity towards the center of the patio.

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This isn't fancy but it might give you an idea of what could be done. I included an "assumption" of what you have now with 4 options.

As Trance said, seek a designer/architect to assist in what you are wanting and to take care of all necessary structure issues as needed. This includes footings - post or perimeter, intent of the structure as mentioned before, type of roof system, where you live and what would be required, 3 season or 4 season structure, etc. I left part of the existing patio available for any outdoor furniture or BBQ grille that you may have.

Consider this a "freebee"!

Hope this helps!

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If you aren't looking for an enclosed structure, a pergola will work nice in this area. You can buy sliding sun shades for the top and bambo curtains that role up on the sides.
I will be doing this in summer '05.
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