Laundry Chute Installation


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Laundry Chute Installation

I'm in the process of installing a laundry chute from my second floor linen closet down into my laundry room. It's a straight shot between the two. When I built the house (10 years ago), I had the builder frame in a box between the floor/ceiling joists and leave the subfloor cut (to be the lid). All I need to do now is cut through the drywall in the ceiling in the laudry room to open the chute up. I'm looking for some ideas on the following:

1. Should I line the chute with something to prevent clothes from getting hung up on the rough plywood box? If so, any ideas?

2. Looking for a suggestion on what I can install along the ceiling in the laundry room to 'direct' the clothes out of the chute and into a basket ontop of the washer. I've thought about using flashing or even a piece of ducting cut in half but don't think they will look very finished. The chute itself comes out right on top of a cabinet and so I need to direct it over the soffet and then let it free fall onto the washer.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Take a look at the local fire code to determine what materials are acceptable inside a laundry chute. I'm aware that commercial chutes need to be made of fireproof materials, but I don't know about residential. Offhand, I'd say sheet metal would be an acceptable material for lining the chute. If wood is allowed, I'd think about medium density fiberboard, or even smooth-finished and painted particle board (I think that's what our liner was). Given a choice, I'd probably choose sheet metal.

As for directing the clothing to the washer, I'd think that you could build into the ceiling a finished-looking a "trap door" with some side rails. If you've seen those attic access doors with a ladder built into it, it's the same concept--the whole assembly is concealed in the ceiling, and the only visible part is bottom of the door. The door would be long enough for the clothing to clear the soffit. You'd also need an attractive method to secure the door shut.

Alternatively, our laundry chute went through the soffit, behind a "dummy" cabinet door, and opened onto a counter above the built-in sorting binds in the laundry room. The cabinets were custom built to allow for the laundry chute, so you might run into some practical challenges on a retrofit like that, unless you're willing to dedicate the cabinet space to a laundry landing pad.
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Laundry chute

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