Structure Question

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Structure Question

I own a two story colonial house built in 1969 and want to put a 200 pound treadmill in a second floor room. Should I be concerned about the weight of the treadmill plus myself (about 200 pounds) as it may affect the area below on the first floor? Thank you.
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I'm not an architect or engineer, however I have framed out a few houses. I don't think you are going to fall through, but I would come up with a new location. You won't like how it feels after you haul it up there and won't want to haul it back down. A house that age, depending on size of the span for the floor joists is likely t & g over 2X6. I have a house the same age and the main support beam running the length of the basement (with lolies) is 3- 2x6s nailed together. It's not like new houses where they often use wood formed I beams called silent floor, that though I don't know the weight limit is better than 2x6 or 2x8 and sag less. I imagine, especially if you jog, you are going to get a lot of bounce from the floor which though may not cause catostrophic failure structurally is not great for cracks in sheet rock, pictures coming off walls, ceiling sheet rock on 1st floor, etc. Over time the repedetive bounce could cause sagging floors, loosen nails etc. Remember the exterior wall your floor is supported with is also just 2x6 studs and top plates. The interior weight bearing wall on your first floor, if you have one, is just 2x4s. Have someone your weight jump up an down on the 2nd floor without the treadmill while you stand below and I think you will be convinced you should find a new location. Most pro gyms with second floors, even without weight racks up there, have extra support built in as I understand it.
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Your floor system will hold the weight with no problem, but using it will set up vibrations through your floor and wall system. It will also feel bouncy. I think I would put in on the first floor. Sorry about that. Good Luck

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