Permit for replacing patio cover?


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Permit for replacing patio cover?

I'm thinking of removing the aluminum patio cover in my backyard and replacing it with a wood one. I intend to use the existing water diversion and possibly other portions of the existing cover.

I'm pretty sure the existing cover has a permit.

Question: Do I still need to get a permit to replace the aluminum with wood?

I live in Santa Clarita, CA.
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Permit for replacing patio cover?

If your local ordinances call for a permit for patio covers, yes, you need a permit. - Different structures, different materials, different strengths - same as a new structure in the same place.

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You're in CA -- yes, you need a permit.

Why would you give up the virtually zero maintenance of an aluminum cover for the high maintenance of a wood cover?

Expect to make some major changes in the way the present cover is attached to the house as well.

You can reusee the present downspout, and POSSIBLY the present gutter, depending on what style it is. Other than that, there is probably NO PART of the present cover that you can reuse. The posts, the beam, and the hanger are designed to support an ALUMINUM (spelled L-I-G-H-T) cover, not a wood cover (spelled H-E-A-V-Y).
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Lefty is correct in his assessment of the situation..... with one exception.... that aluminum might be maintenance free (reasonably so), and you're unable to reuse much of the existing structure for your new one.... but.... as I'm sure you're aware..... It's sooooo UGLY!!!
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Definitely check with your building department before you do anything.

If the cover is just a single story wood lattice structure they will have some handouts on what you will need for a permit. IE plot plan, spans, beam/rafters sizes and such. The fees are not really that much and your homeowners insurance will cover it if come to it [no permit = no coverage].

Most of it is really simple to follow and if you don’t understand something, go back and ask your questions at the desk.

I replaced a balcony in my area, Southern Orange County, Ca. too, and while I had to have a CE and formal plans, the city had a “deck recycle/disposal fee” of $500.00 that I ran afoul of. It’s expensive to go green.

Seems that I should have sent my rotting, termite infested wood to an approved recycling center for disposal rather than send it off with the landscaper I hired to remove 3 30 foot pine trees. Wood is wood right? Nope, the center would have provided a receipt and I could get my 500 bucks back.

However since I missed this point, I declared that I didn’t have a previous balcony, this was a new project and the pictures of the old one were just an illusions and/or artists rendering so I didn’t have to pay the ‘fee’. But this opened up a can of worms with the local Tax Assessors – they see a new deck as an improvement and think I should pay Property Tax on it.

Check with the building department.
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I guess that "ugly" is like "beauty" -- it's in the eye of the beholder!!

"V" pan -- ugly. Too much like a mobile home thing.

Flat pan, with some skylites -- now we're getting somewhere.

Insulated roof panels -- we have arrived!!

WOOD?? and the GAZILLION hours of maintenance involved?? NO!!
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I recently tore down an awning that rapped around my house
do to i need a permit to replace it?to put up a "new" front pourch awning i need a permit.But all i want to do is replace the old one.1/2 of it still remains.according to code you can no longer attach a awning to your eve or face of roof must attach it to a wall or roof above a wall.The old one was attached to the eve.any comments, sugestions or ideas welcome.
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don roe,

Welcome to the forums.

You probably need a permit to replace the awning. Ask your local bldg. dept. to be sure. Codes and requirements vary A LOT from one place to the next.

They will also tell you how it can be attached and how it can't.

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