Ceiling support from attic

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Question Ceiling support from attic

Hello, I need some kind of adjustable length metal hardware to be put in the attic between the roof structures and attic floor/ ceiling joints. I need to pull my big room ceiling up from the attic. Usually wooden bars are used for that. Id like to have some hardware which I can adjust when installed. So I need opposite to Jack Post. Jack Post expands with adjusting nut; I need the heavy duty thing which will collapse with adjusting nut and pull its ends in the direction to each other. Is there something like that on the market? Thank you.
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We're going to need pictures..... http://www.doityourself.com/forum/el...-pictures.html

As far as I know.... the joists below help to hold the roof up. The main ridge beam that holds up the roof is not likely to help to hold up the ceiling below.

What you are describing can be loosely called a turnbuckle.

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Pete, thank you for quick response. My roof looks like that, but I don't have wind brace. Also I don't have any basement, so I have to use attic as storage. I was thinking to install some pieces of hardware between collar ties and ceiling joists. You are right, that hardware should work like turnbuckle, but it should have the heavy-duty construction, and I should be able to screw it securely to collar tie and ceiling joist. Thank you.
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Need a real engineer to design something like that.
Most often attics where never designed for storage.
Often times in older houses walls where removed to "open" up the living space without taking into account what it was going to do above that area and did not add the needed headers.
Try to "pull up" a ceiling by a rater is likely to bow in the roof if done wrong.
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I have to agree with Joe on this project. The primary purpose of the collar ties is to prevent the rafters from splaying out from the downward load on the roof. They are NOT meant to hold a downward load beneath them and especially not in their center. The ceiling joists are designed to hold the bottom of the rafters from splaying outward as well as to support the ceiling below them. Rarely are they of sufficient size in an attic space to allow for laying a floor with storage on top of the floor. Doing so will stress the joists and attempting to transfer the load (via the turnbuckle idea) to the collar ties will ultimately weaken the entire roof structure.

The better idea, albeit much harder, is to get rid of the "valuable treasures" you wish to store in the attic. Since attic spaces are generally ventilated to the great outdoors they can suffer quite cold temperatures in the winter as well as quite high temperatures in the summer, not at all conducive to saving anything.

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