Exterior design expertise

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Exterior design expertise

We just purchased a home in the seattle area absolutely love the outside except for these dumb river stone areas. we are going to remove them, the problem is that we just don't know what to put in their place.

rock facades in general seem to be the thing in the pacific northwest. if anything we would like to move more towards a farmhouse look if possible. i found a really cool app at Menards.com that allows me to put any of their exterior brick/woods on there but i just can seem to find anything.

we were thinking maybe wide plank horizontal boards that are white but the problem is that having white next to the trim doesn't allow for any contrast. if we have to put some type of brick or stone there we are open to it i guess but we just can't afford to mess this up. we are just looking to see how a professional architect/designer would improve this. We really like everything on the front of the house that is not stone.


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I agree about not liking the stone. Not because of the stone but just the number of different surfaces you have on the facade. Normally I only like to see two or three materials/textures and the house already has four with the stone, horizontal siding, shingles and vertical siding. Five if you count the square pattern of the garage door. So, I would be looking to simplify and unify everything. I like the idea of covering the whole lower level with the same wide plank horizontal siding and I might even consider doing it as well on the gables.

Color... you don't want me helping choose colors. My wife thinks I was a member of the Dutch Winter Olympic team in a previous life.
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Thanks. I just noticed that about the garage door as well. we actually have one of the nicer looking homes on the block i think. everything is mustardy browns and greens and stones. guess that is just a pacific northwest thing. now all the new construction homes look like modern version of the brady bunch home. i don't get it.
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You'd be well advised to find a local exterior designer. If you stray much from the apparent norm and preferred look of the home in that area, you could be shooting yourself in the foot come resale time.

Personally, I like the stone, it's the cedar(?) shake on the second floor that I dislike. Perhaps removing that and either bring the horizontal siding up (my choice), or the vertical siding (w/o the white stripes) down, so you basically have 2 sidings with a stone foundation. My choice would have the differing vertical on the attic, which seems to be pretty common many places, although it's often a scalloped or fish scale (or cedar shake) look.

As to color...well, I grew up in a farmhouse in OH..and it was darn near that shade of red.
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I don't mind it, looks fine. Pretty sure that with all those different surfaces (I count 5) and products there was already a professional designer / architect involved. So I guess you are looking for a second or third opinion.
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I like the look too. The one thing that stands out and maybe a problem is that the lower siding is horizontal and the upper siding is vertical. The rock is a neutral break between the two. If you removed the rock.... the new siding would be horizontal like the lower siding.
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You could perhaps do horizontal siding on the gable ends to match the 1st floor to omit one variant. I think the stone could stay along the bottom, but I would remove it from the porch posts and do something different there (e.g. continue the trim and paneling that exists on the top 1/4 of the post all the way down). And maybe go with a lighter paint color on the siding so there isn't so much contrast with the stone (keep the dark color on the vertical siding).

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