Possible to make glass minnow trap?


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Possible to make glass minnow trap?

I have been seeing antique gallon jar minnow traps online. It looks as if they just get the side of the jar really hot, and then blow the glass to make a funnel opening on the side of the jar. They have proabably around 5 or 6 funneled openings. Has anyone tried to make one of these? Or will the glass just shatter?

Here is a link to one similar to what I want to make....


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You have to heat the glass with a blow torch until it is plastic. Then take a wooden cone and push in the side of the bottle. Make sure to lean the bottle against something immovable first, so when you push the bottle, it doesn't slide right off the workbench.

On a cold day you might have trouble getting the glass up to temperature, especially with a home blow torch. So you might want to make a stand for the bottle. Make a stand so the place on the bottle you want to heat is the same height as the flame exiting the blowtorch. Turn on the torch, and let the bottle heat for 10 minutes or more. Test hot area every few minutes to see if it can be pushed in yet.
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Your concept will work, but there are a few catches. The thickness of the glass is important because the thin glass will cool too quickly causing it to shatter. If glass does not cool down slowly, it will inevitably crack. That is why thick glass helps. If you can heat the glass in a very small spot(the smaller the better), the thickness around that spot will help to disperse the heat.
Also if you use gravity, the need to push on the glass will be reduced. Place the jug on its side and heat at a 90 degree angle. As the glass turns molten, its weight will pull it down. Once the desired siz '"funnel" is created stop heating. Once cooled you can use a specific drill bit to slowly create a how at the funnels' peak. Propane will work, but you can use Mepp's Gas, which burns hotter. You can find Mepps at Walmart for 8 bucks and it will last a long time. Make sure to use it outdoors though, to avoid harmful fumes.
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Cool caution

I found a very large pickle jar and tried to melt the bottom to copy several minnow traps that I have and boom it all exploded. I did someting wrong I would suggest unless your a glass blower to pay the $ 30 and buy new one

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