Any downside to using fishing line as beading wire?


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Any downside to using fishing line as beading wire?

I've noticed that a lot of necklaces for sale at art fairs, etc., are made from fishing line. Is there any downside to this? I'm not creating anything fancy, just necklaces for friends and stuff. Any downside to using plain ol' fishing line (20 lb and 30 lb test).
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I don't see an actual downside. I don't see the need for 20 to 30 pound line though. The prolem would come with the tying it. The new lines are nylon or a substitute and it slips alot when trying to get a knot. Good luck.
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Fishing Line


There is no problem with using fishing line for beading. You only need about 1 - 2lb line nothing heavier. It's also good for Illusion necklaces. have a good jewelery section, if you go over there and have a look, you should find out the best way of tying the knots. I know when fishing you tie the hook non a certain way but I can't remember the name of the knot.

Hope this helps
Good Luck
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Fish Line NO !!!

I love to "craft" but I LOVE to fish more !!! I have found that fishing line,mose of all the light stuff wont last long. I change the line on my reels every season !!! I dont want to lose the "big One" . The line after 1 season will break easy. So How long do you want your "craft" work to last???
If you do use fishing line go to the sporting goods store and ask about how to bind it together you will see new knotts and you will find "glue" and clamps ... all kinds if cool stuff Have fun and a open mind

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