melting bottles wine or beer


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Question melting bottles wine or beer

l am trying to get some crafts going for a volunteer thing I am running. I saw a melted bottle of wine and boose and realized the great stuf we could do with that! How the heck do we do it though? I looked all over the web with only end use things. There was a thread a year ago on this but didn't have finalized info. One guy had a fire and I would rather avoid that. Let me know if you can help us. Thank you! Holidays are coming so we need to get melting :-)
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Welcome to the DIY forums

Do you mean bottle slumping?
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Never knew it had a name; DIYaddict is a fountain of knowledge. My late business partner's wife has been doing ceramic work for many years and I know she's done some of that. Don't know if that is how she did it or not. Looks pretty labor intensive; I prefer to EMPTY the bottles personally.
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melting bottles wine or beer

My wife's wine bottles (actually 4 liter boxes) do not do too well in a ceramic kiln. - they burn at about 450 degrees and never get to slump.

I am not an expert since I gave up the glass bottles a while ago.

My Coke bottles and cans do not slump well either.

I think a Spanish guy by the name of Salvatore Dali made a lot of money and became well known with melted things a few years ago.

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Hello Slumpers!

You might find these links helpful:

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