Broken clay cat


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Broken clay cat

I have a (porcelain or ceramic) cat that is broken into several parts. 75% of it is ok but there are some large parts that need to be bonded/glued and then some of the smaller parts can then be glued. After that I need to build up the void from the missing small parts and fill it in to complete it. Then I'd like to smooth it all out and maybe paint it, maybe not.

The easiest thing would be to buy another but it is of sentimental value and restoring the original is most important even it it's not ' purr fect'. Any ideas on bonding the pieces back together and then filling in for the lost pieces, etc?
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I might try epoxy (5 minute will work fine) to glue to parts together and fill in the voids with plaster of paris, and then paint restore.
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My thoughts were along the same line, just wanted to resource other ideas. Our local "Hobby Lobby" has some materials although they weren't much help.

Thx for the response.

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