Glue for Monofiliment fishing line or Spider wire.


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Smile Glue for Monofiliment fishing line or Spider wire.

To use that stuff for crafts projects, what glue would you use for the Monofiliment fishing line. The soft plastc stuff.

Also there is "Spider Wire" a cloth looking stuff that is very strong. What Glue would you use on that stuff?
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Monofilament is made of polyamide or copolyamide nylon. Iím not aware of any adhesive that would bond nylon line to create roughly equal breakage strength in comparison to the line test itself . . . anything creating a chemical fusion would melt thin mono. If youíre doing a craft project where hanging objects are light weight, I would use a cyanoacrylate glue . . . commonly known as Super Glue but sold under many different product names . . . used by some guys as a way to finish off fishing flies theyíve tied. If you donít already have any, you might try Loctite QuickTite Super Glue in gel form . . . Iím thinking it might be easier using a gel if working w/ light mono. You might use short cut strips of painterís tape on both sides of where you want to glue to temporarily hold the tag end to line so theyíre snugly held together side-by-side while the glue dries.

Another alternative is to use a tiny split shot weight to bond two mono lines together . . . not sure if a tiny lead weight would help or interfere with what youíre trying to accomplish . . . . . tie a small knot at tag end to keep it from pulling through (split shot can be crimped over the knot if not wanting to see it).

Another technique is using hot glue or melted candle wax . . . hot glue is tricky as itís hard to apply w/o weakening or burning mono due to the heat involved . . . you should tie a small knot at tag end to keep it from pulling through the hot glue or wax . . . I think a cyanoacrylate glue would be a better choice unless hanging something very light like paper.

In lieu of using glue, Iím wondering why youíre not using a knot(s) that ends up being small and will pass cleanly through rod guides when casting. These would be much stronger than glue. While maybe a knot will not work on your particular project, Iím posting how to tie two knots should the reason be that you donít know how to tie them. Preferable knots for tying a leader or shock leader to the main line are the blood knot (both lines are roughly equal diameter) and Albright knot (line diameters are dissimilar); Blood Knot - MyVideo

Some links that may be useful for craft work: | Search Results

This to That (Glue Advice) {general guidance in gluing dissimilar materials} Sticky Ass Glue SAG8OZ Waterproof Stubbornly Strong Glue, 8-Ounce: Home Improvement {similar to Gorilla Glue but expands less making it helpful when working w/ craft projects or tiny parts}
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This is for Netting. Not all the same sizes and width's.

So I didnt want to tie a million knots.. Like an old net maker at work on the beach with his wooden net knotter.

If you were to use Glue to cross two pieces of this stuff, both mono and spider there such a glue?

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