Snow Man with light


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Snow Man with light

I have a white plastic snow man that has an inside light. Parts of the snow man are painted variuos colors, Hat is black, scarf is red, buttons are yellow.WHen the inside light is lite the painted areas show the appropriate colors.

The painted areas are faded and scratch.

I wantt to brigthen the painted areas by repainting the particular area with th e appropriate color.

What type of paint should I use ?

Where can it be purchased?
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Repainting will help make it look nice and bright during the day when the light inside is not on. Another layer of paint on top of the old will probably look splotchy at night when the light is on since it will show through the old paint underneath.

I would use a spray paint intended for plastic. It is fairly common these days so you should be able to find it anywhere that has a good spray paint selection like most home improvement stores. Make sure you thoroughly clean the snowman before painting. Wiping/scrubbing it with a rag soaked in mineral spirits will clean it, remove any oils and should not harm the plastic. Do not use more aggressive solvents like lacquer thinner or MEK which may dissolve the existing paint and may soften/eat the plastic.

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