Digital picture collage to bare wall??


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Digital picture collage to bare wall??

My plan is to have a large, wall size collage of cut out digital pictures as my wall covering in my family room in the basement. Right now I have a wall (about 6x8 - with a small dresser at the bottom) that is unfinished sheet-rock and I want to take +/- 1,000 duplicated digital pictures and make a family collage on that wall. I'm not really worried about being able to remove it later (but if possible it would be a plus). So my questions are - what do I need to do to the wall to prepare for my project - again, it is now unfinished sheet-rock. Then, how do I attach the pictures to the wall? Finally, what can I do to cover the pictures - to protect them and seal them - remembering that some photo inks may bleed. Any suggestions?
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An oil base primer would do a good job of sealing the drywall which will making anything you paste on it easier to strip later. A water base poly would likely be the best clear coating to top coat the pics..... but you might want to test the photo ink to make sure it will be ok.
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You could also attach sheets of paneling to the wall with screws and glue your pictures to the panels. Then if you ever want to remove the wall of pictures you just remove the screws.

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