Does anyone know of Collision Deductable Waivers in NJ?


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Does anyone know of Collision Deductable Waivers in NJ?

Unfortunately my wife backed her SUV down the driveway and sideswiped my car, putting a crease/dent down the drivers door, small mark on front fender and rear door. Her car has a dent/scrape on the rear quarter panel.

I heard some insurance companies, depending on what state you live in, will waive 1 or both of the deductibles when 2 cars on the same policy are involved in an accident.

I have Geico auto insurance in NJ, and all they could tell me, without me filing the claims, was that there is accident forgiveness, after 5 years as a policy holder. And the forgiveness is that your insurance won't increase after the first accident. They couldn't tell me about a deductible waiver. Well, my policy renewal date is in 10 days, which puts me at 5 years.

If I file the claim today, day after incident, forgiveness most likely won't apply, unless they grant it to me given that I am so close. I could easily wait the 10 days, but I don't want to do the wrong thing either.

Does anyone have any experience with this or any suggestions?
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Well maybe someone else will give you a better answer, but I wouldn't wait and lie about when it happened. That's insurance fraud and if they find out, you'll be in big trouble. Just not worth it (to me anyways).
I'd pay out of my pocket before doing that, but that's just me.
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I totally agree, as worst case of jail time does not fit in my current life plan... already taking car in for 1st scheduled maintenance tomorrow at dealer (10k miles) and they have their own body shop, so I will hopefully have insurance co. go there tomorrow to appraise damage.

good news is my deductible is only $500, so worst case $1k for both cars to be repaired. and if they raise my rates I will shop elsewhere. don't know if I'll be successful, but will try.
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I agree with Shaddy. Besides, accident forgiveness or not, no insurance company will forgo the deductible. If you have $500 deductible you pay $500 or whatever your policy says.

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