The right moisture meter


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The right moisture meter

Hi there, I'm not sure this is the right sub-forum for my thread, sorry, if I'm wrong. But still, I'm going to lay a new wooden floor on the balcony and I was advised to pick up the wood attentively, which means well-dried. And for moisture measurement I need a moisture meter. I found this producer, but it seems to me their products for industrial use, mostly.
And here is the question - what is an appropriate moisture meter for domestic use? Oh, and at an affordable price, as well!
Thanks in advance!
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What type of wood will you be using?

I would not bother with a wood moisture meter. You will not have much control over the wood's moisture content so knowing it is nice "gee wiz" information. The mositure of wood stored in bundles will vary wildly depending on the wood's location within the stack and how and where it's been stored. The moisture content can vary considerably from one side of a plank to the other. I would just pick through for the obviously twisted or very warped boards and try to pick ones that seem to have an even moisture distribution and still look good.

When I was building my house I did my own impromptu study of lumber. Whether or not I picked through the stack for all straight wood or just took the lot did not matter. Wood on the outer edge was often drier but curved as the outside was dry and the side facing the bundle was more moist. Boards in the center tended to be straighter as they had more even moisture. Take the wood out of the bundle and let air get at all sides and previously curved boards would straighten and straight boars would develop a bow.
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I've never heard of using a moisture meter for flooring but if you're buying from an unknown supplier it might be good insurance against buying hardwood that hasn't been properly kiln dried. If you're talking about exterior balcony or softwood I wouldn't bother with reading the MC.
I've been very happy with my $100 Lignomat "pocket size" meter.

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