Credit Report is "frozen"?


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Credit Report is "frozen"?

My daughter is trying to buy her first house. She & hubby have been pre-approved by a bank.

As they were trying to move things along - since they have found a house that they want to pursue - the bank says their credit report is "frozen" and they need to unfreeze it before they go any further.

What the hell is this? I've never heard of it. She's doesn't know how it became frozen, and therefore, how to thaw it out...

(They just got married 2 months ago. Would a name change affect this?)

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Because of the growth in Identity Theft, people are now often freezing their credit so that no unauthorized use can be made of it without their knowledge.

I've done it myself to keep bogus accounts from being created.

One or the other of the Newlyweds must have done this earlier and just doesn't recall doing it . . . . so now it must be un-done. No big deal; but they're the only ones that can do it.
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When the Equifax spill occurred I froze all of our credit reports.

When it was done they would have received an email with a code that is used to unfreeze.

It would not have been done without their request!
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Update; we've learned that their bank "froze it" because of some security breach six months ago. ( !!?!!) Now they are working on unfreezing it. 'Sounds odd, but that's the story they're getting.

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