Underground Spring??

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Unhappy Underground Spring??

We have a forty year or near that home. Recently, we have been getting leaks in the northwest corner of the basement. During rain, the window wells would actually fill up with water. We tore out the carpet, paneling and studs in that corner. We brought in a waterproofing company who patched some small cracks. Next rain, we could see moisture down where the wall meets the floor. The window well would fill up but I stood there with my shop vac and sucked it out. Waterproof man filled a few more cracks even through they were dry.

We have a hip roof with very deep over hangs. The dirt up against the house is dry.

We were getting new sidewalks and driveway, the contractor said ,as he tore out the driveway, he found the ground wet under the slab by the garage. This is on the north side, same wall as the "fishbowl" window well. We have not had rain for about a month. I called the water company, think I had an underground leak. He tested everything but said no. We dug trenches from every down spout, burying drainage pipes out to the road.

Next rain was a big one! We went out and checked, all our drains were working. We still got water in the basement. Sump pump stays dry. I now found another wet spot on the east side. This would be located UNDER the garage floor and front stoop which is UNDER the porch roof.

I am at my wits end. One person suggested we might have an under ground spring. Waterproof man said to tear up a section of the basement floor and put in a sump pump.

Can anyone offer a suggestion? How would I find out if I have a underground spring? What would I do with it if I have one? I thought about digging all the way down to the footings and seal it with liquid rubber, but it was pointed out to me that if it's coming from underneath the slab, this wouldn't help.

Sorry about this being so long but we have worked so hard trying to fix this and we STILL get water.
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doubt it..

This water issue just recently started? It had been dry for 40 years or so? Unless there was some major construction that changed the water table or your area is experiencing high levels of rain this year, I doubt its a spring. Not impossible, just unlikely. One thought- you aren't in the area that had that mild quake a while back, are you?

How close are the neighbors? Could be THEIR water pipe is leaking.

To answer your question: a geologist should be able to answer it.
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We have been in the home for about 15 years. We are on a corner lot on about 1/4 of an acre. When we moved here, the back yard would be a lake after a rain. We tore up the yard putting in a sorts of drains, they are still running free. Our neighbor lives about 90 feet south of us, but leaks ate on our north side. We live outside the Chicago area.

There has been evidence of leaks before we came here. After pulling down the paneling and ripping up sections of the carpet, we can see where the walls have been patched. One spot on the north wall, there is a 5 x 5 inch square hole chopped out of the footing that goes down to the dirt. Nobody can figure this out but we thought maybe the previous owners chopped this out for the water to run out?

We had a heavy rain yesterday, the drains all worked, the window well filled up but not over the window and the drains lead the water away. Our walls were dry but have moisture down where the walls meet the floor. The ground up against the house remains dry.

We are in the process of ripping up all the carpet (an area of 30 x 150) and ripping out the outside paneling. There is mold in the carpet but we can't replace it until we figure out what is going on.

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