Wood burning fireplace tear down

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[it was suggested, from the fireplace forum, that I submit this question to a forum that Jack the Contractor managed]

I need to tear down a wood burning cinder-block fireplace that is attached to a wood framed home for an upcoming remodel. The fireplace is roughly 16 feet tall and is already has cracks throughout the base.

Any opinons on what the best approach is? I'm planning on using the sledge hammer approach but if there is a better approach - I'm open to suggestions.
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Tearing out a chimney, will have its challenges. First of all take a chain and attach about a 5 pound hammer to it. Now go to the top of your chimney (on the roof) and start here. Take of the exposed brick, then slowly lower the hammer on a chain and swing it loosening the bricks. When most are loose, now go to the bottom and knock out the bricks and the other bricks will fall down. This will be a very very dirty job. Very dusty also. You will not get every brick out, but most of them. Then as you remodel, and cut into this area, you can pull
out the other bricks. This is not an easy job. Good Luck,

Jack the Contractor

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