Odd basement humidity problem

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I have an humidity problem in my basement. In the summer it ranges between 70-100% (RH). I think it's because of an attached crawlspace (about 8x10, 4' high) that has appears to have no floor. I can't close it off because it's where the sewer entrance and the basement is the only access to the crawlspace.

Any ideas about how to resolve this? Would something like laying down 3mil plastic in the space prevent the water from entering the air in the basement from the dirt floor? I thought about concrete but I'm not sure it'd be too doable in such a small space, and I don't know how to do a concrete floor from scratch.
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Dear Zuiko,Higher humidity readings are not necessarily a bad thing-unless they cause some kind of problem. Your question does not suggest what ,if any,problem you are trying to solve. When it comes to proceedures you may want to try which will ease problems caused by higher humidity levels,you may want to begin with the least expensive steps first.1)Allow air to circulate. Fresh MOVING air is your best ally because it inhibits damp air from settling on surfaces where dampness problems can begin to occur.Open windows and doors to amplify cross ventilation 2) Add a simple floor fan.Set it on low. Position it to augment any natural cross ventilation you have been able to create.Allow the fan to operate. Over time it can work wonders. 3) Add a dehumidifier.Incidentally,I would not probably not close off the crawl space since to do so would inhibt the flow of air to the area.


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