how to build a basement storm shelter ?


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I am in desperate need of instructions to build a basement or storm cellar that will be under a porch at a later date. Need to know what kind of door to install or hatch way. Thanks so much !
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Morris: Here is an easy storm shelter to put in. First of all visit your local agricultural farm dealer and get a 1000 gallon fertilizer tank. They are about 6 1/2 feet high and about 8 to 9 feet across.
They are pretty reasonable to purchase. They are made of just about un-destructible plastic. Have a hole dug by your home to fit the tank. Before you install the tank, cut in your doorway. You can use a house door, bolt it to the tank. Put in picnic benches, all your goodies, and bingo you are there. Have the tank set into the hole. You can do it with a couple of friends. You will have to build a dirt stair well from the ground to the bottom of your doorway. There is a cover on top, lust leave it there. Make sure it is on tight. You can build right over the top of this tank. They have lots of them in the northern plains. These are the best and cheapest you can get. Good Luck

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tank storm shelter

Hello, I have a question about the shelter. Can you cover the tank with dirt without worring about it caving in? Or is it recommended to cement the top?
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how to build a basement storm shelter ?

Go to the FEMA site (probably or

They have complete plans that have sucessfully been used for "safe cells".

They have guidlines depending on whether you are concerned with tornados (higher winds, shorter time) or hurricanes (less wind and longer time).

They also give information on construction of roofs, walls, hardware (doors and swing directions) and ventilation.


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