Can I use Liquid Nails on concrete block?

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I want to finish the walls of my basement, probably with paneling. Is there anything wrong with using Liquid Nails to adhere the studs to the concrete block walls? How about using it to adhere the base of a partition wall to the concrete floor?
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Folks do it all the time.

Look on the label of the product you plan to use to see if that application is listed.

I am comfortable with the use for the base plate to the floor alone, gravity works.

For the wall studs I would use a few well placed concrete nails for each stud. Old habits die hard.

Pre-drive the nails before assembly and applying glue and set them with a couple good taps of a small sledge. Maybe two per stud. Good tight hold for the glue to set. Don't have to go super deep.1/2 - 3/4" depth.

I always was accused of over building everything.

Note: Some of these products require you put the stud in place and then pull it away to activate the glue. I would try to find one that didn't have that requirement just for easy of construction.

The holding power of a good glue application is equal or superior to nails because more effective holding area is involved.

You can build the stud wall as per normal, pre-drive the concrete nails. Good quick, glue beads, raised in place and set. Have to pay attention to your glue set time. Maybe few extra hands to help. The biggest problem is knowing how to flop the wall around to do it.

Drive nails in studs before assembly of wall, place stud nails side down, make wall, apply glue to under plate side, apply glue to studs, raise, tack in place.

Best of luck

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