low basement ceiling, how to finish


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Question low basement ceiling, how to finish

I have a very old home (built in 1902) and the basement ceiling height is approx 6'4". I have exposed joist and want to know the EASIEST way to finish the ceiling. Drywall, what?
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You will have to put up firing strips, 1x4's, perdendicualr to your floor joists. One strip every 12', and screw your drywall to it. big bad job. Have fun. have some help also. Consider renting a sheetrock jack. They make the job alot easier.
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I don't understand why the furring strips are necessary. Are you assuming that the existing joists are not a suitable drywall mounting surface?
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Yes, why do I have to use fir strips. Can't I just take the drywall right to the joist? Also, I'm assuming that drywall for the ceiling is the best? Correct?
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There are two problems with putting drywall directly on the floor joists. 1st - they are not level. The resulting ceiling will be wavy. The furring strips will need to be shimmed in spots.

2nd - the spacing may not be suitable. some houses have the joists on 19+ inch centers. 4x8 sheets won't break evenly.

The suspended ceiling will be too low. Another choice are the ceiling tiles/planks. They attach to strips on the joists.

Or - some h/o just spray everything, leaving all the pipes etc exposed.

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Question what can be exposed?

I'm sure it depends from location to location, but are their certain codes for what can be exposed and what can't? Ducting, water pipes, gas pipes, electrical.

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i have a similiar basement in height. i have been contemplating using some beadboard paneling (the type used for wainscoating) directly applied to the underside of the joist. yes the ceiling may still be wavy but my thought is that this would be more forgiving than drywall as the uneveness of the joists will eventually allow for cracking in the drywall. just remember to leave a small gap at the butt ends to allow for expansion. This could probably be covered buy a small strip of wood which would add some more visual interest to the beadboard on the ceiling
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There is a product on the market (at least in Canada) called resilient channel or somethign like that. It consistes of a fairly rigid straight metal length to screw drywall to and another piece more flexable to screw to the joists, This way the ceiling is flat automatically and the piece that attaches to the joists flexs to attach. Its easier to install than furring strips and if the floor upstairs does move it flexes so that the drywall does not crack, unlike furring strips.

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Solution to low ceiling

I found a new product on the market that I installed in my basement that attaches to the joists, adjusts for uneven joists and allows for future access to the homes utilities - Kraedl Ceilings (www.kraedl.com). I was able to get the product in a color that complimented my carpeting and furniture - I also had a water leak that I was able to repair, dry off the panels and replace the same panels.
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Cool What about burlap?

A friend of mine has redone his basement. He too had a low ceiling and didn't want to lose any more height. He simply stapled large sheets of burlap to the underside of the joists. Unless you look at it, you don't even notice it. Even when you do look, it doesn't look bad.

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Red face Solution to Low Basement Ceiling

I finished the basement in my home and used a new product, Kraedl Ceilings (www.kraedl.com) to keep my ceilings as high as possible. This new system mounts directly to the floor joists, has a mounting system to adjust for uneven joists, is removeable for access to the homes systems, waterproof, washable and comes in many colors.

It is an excellent alternative to drop ceilings.

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