Soundproofing Basement Office

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What's the most economical way to sound-proof a basement office? I don't have to have complete silence, but would like to eliminate as much as is econimally practical the pitter-patter of little feet and soap opera chatter from overhead. Can I just hard pack pink insulation between the overhead floor joist before drywalling the ceiling?
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hard pack?

I'm not sure what you mean by this, but don't do it anyway.

Yes, you can put regular unfaced rolled insulation between the floor joists before the drywall. You'll probably want to buy a package of those wire insulation supports to hold it up.

This isn't really very good soundproofing, but it's easy and inexpensive. I've found that it eliminates the higher frequencies (like speech), but still allows the lower frequencies to penetrate. I.e., you may still hear the footsteps, but they will be more of a dull thud; you'll still hear the music, but only the bass.

I'd say go ahead and do it. It's what I did when I finished my basement.

Also, be aware of how much sound is transmitted by furnace ducting (if you have forced air heat or cooling). Do not connect a basement vent and an upstairs vent to the same line off the rectangular main furnace duct. Run separate lines back to the rectangular duct.

Of course there are better methods of soundproofing, but they are more expensive and more complicated.

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