clogged gutters - water in basement

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clogged gutters - water in basement

I recently finished framing and insulation my basement walls and today started drywalling them when I saw a stream of water on the floor (raining all day today). It seems to be coming from the top of the foundation wall. Addtionally there are drips our of a conduit nearby (goes to an exterior receptacle).

I went outside and determined that a flood of water was coming down the face of my house (near the leak) due to a clogged gutter. I fixed that and within minutes the leak in the basement stopped except for some dripping from the conduit.

My question is... What do I do now?

For the conduit situation I was planning on using some expanding spray foam and recaulking the box.

Additionally the top wood plate that sits on top of the foudation wall was wet (about 8 feet worth). Is there anything from either inside or outside of the house that I can do to prevent this problem again? Obviously I'll make sure the gutters are always cleaned.

Thanks for your thoughts.
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Resolve to clean out your gutters twice a year. Make sure downspouts are extended at least six feet from your house. Make sure the landscaping within ten feet of your house slopes away from the house, and that there is no space for water to puddle in the first six feet. Don't plant plants or grass that will require supplemental water within four feet of your house.

All of these are simple and normal home maintenance items. Keep up with them and you'll be fine. You most likely need do nothing else.
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Something I've suggested to people in the past (if you want to do some work): dig out the dirt around the house to a depth of 7" to 9", put down a 3" thick layer of clay with the top of the clay sloping a good 3/4" per foot, then put back the topsoil and be sure it also slopes away from house. The clay should extend out at least 6' out from house if possible. What the clay is doing is acting as a barrier to water coming thru the topsoil and directing it away from the house.

It isn't foolproof, but may save you if you happen to get a little lax on maintenance at some time.

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Originally posted by John Nelson
Make sure the landscaping within ten feet of your house slopes away from the house,

this cannot be stressed enough

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