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termites EEK

I recently found termites in fire wood in my yard and just to be safe had an inspection done today. Inspector showed me the damage in basement including the sill plate (extensive) and two beams.

the portion of infestation is in rear room of basement. I "finished" front room 3 -4 years ago and didn't notice any soft or damaged wood when framing for sheet rock.

I'm assuming a portion of sill plate and the 2 beams will need to be replaced. Any suggestions? We did jack a house once to replace faulty foundation, but since the infested house was completely remodeled 5 years ago - 'm worried we'll "lose" all the new sheetrock if we try to jack it up. Is there any way to just install supports around the affected area?
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First order of business is to get a professional termiticide treatment of soil inside and outside of foundation to create a barrier to keep termites at bay. An annual inspection is in order, too. Termites tend to work quickly.

As your question is a structural one, I defer to experts with construction expertise of such special situations. Doug Aleshire is on emergency leave, but Jack the Contractor may be able to share his expert advise. I am taking the liberty of moving your post to the basement forum.

I own a little home in the mountains of WV that sits on a river in a flood plain. It was once a hunters one room cabin onto which they added an addition that contains a hallway, half bath, and two bedrooms. I have often fantasized about jacking it up and adding some rows of block to keep it above high water. The so-called 100-year flood got it in 1985. I live in fear the flood will come again before another 100 years. I have seen homes jacked up and moved on flat bed trucks. But, I have never seen one jacked up with an addition on it. And, I have not experienced the effects of the process upon the interior. As you seem to be aware, the movement may well take its toll.
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Do you actually have termites in the house or just termite damage? Most old houses will have some damage somewhere if you look for it.
I've found termites in 3 different places in the yard. Apparently they're everywhere outside. I then had 4 different ppl come to inspect the house. Two told me that I had termites and needed immediate treatment. They even showed me "evidence" but no live bugs. The other two (who were more thorough and trustworthy) found some old damage, but no live bugs in the house. I've decided to just keep an eye on it and have it thoroughly inspected each year to make sure that they don't come in. Of course there are always places that they could be hiding, and I wouldn't know it. I just don't want to spend a thousand dollars to treat a problem that doesn't really exist.

You'll probably need to get someone in there to actually assess the damage and decide on whether the beams actually need replaced or just supported.

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