Raised subfloor in basement over DeltaFL

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Raised subfloor in basement over DeltaFL

Hi There,

I am starting to finish my basement, and have some questions about a raised section of subfloor I want to have.

I will be using Delta FL thruought the basement as a subfloor, but I want to make a raised area that is about 6 inches higher than the rest, that is at the bottom of the stairs coming down. This is so I will be able to have a powder room, with the plumming for the toilet flush at floor level. I also love the idea of having a "step down" into the basement TV / HT room.

Now, I am planning on putting down the Delta FL, and then putting 2x6 joists ontop with 3/4 or 1/2 inch plywood on top.

Now, my questions are,

- should I put insulation in between the 2/6's? (if so, just fiberglass batts? )
- do i need vapour barier on the warm side? in this case it would be immediately below the plywood.
- should i use 3/4 or 1/2 ? (plywood has gone up about $10/ sheet here, so its about $30CDN for a 1/2 non T&G)
- how do I handle the edges of the platform that will be near the foundation, should they be PT( or WT)?


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are you sure you need to raise the subfloor? with the delta-fl, you shouldnt need to do this, just pop down the plywood if i am not mistaken. unless you want it to be raised.
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yes, as I mentioned above I wanted a raised area for several reasons.
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I'm no expert... but now that we've go that disclaimer aside, it seems to me that using delta-FL under your raised landing area would be over kill.

Delta-FL isn't cheap. since you're already building a sub-floor structure with your 2x6 and plywood for the landing area, you're already getting the benefits that the Delta-Fl gives you:
1) airflow over concrete for reduced moisture
2) air pocket between flooring and concrete for added insulation.

If it were me, I'd build the landing area first, then run the Delta-FL product up to the edge of it.

But it probably isn't a bid difference if you're only talking about a small area.

I can't imagine you'd receive a lot of benefit from insulating between the 2x6's but it wouldn't really hurt either.

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