Mold in Basement

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Mold in Basement

We have an older bungalow with a basement that is mostly underground. Part of it is dug out with a concrete floor and the rest is a crawl space with exposed dirt. When we were doing termite inspections over the summer, we found a lot of mold growing on the wood and insulation.
First we pulled down the moldy insulation. Then, since we were having termidor applied anyway, we went ahead and had the exterminator apply boricare to the exposed wood in the basement. A couple weeks after that, I used a bottle of clorox to squirt down the worst areas showing the most growth.
This week (October being the dryest month in our area) we are still seeing quite a bit of mold.

How can we get rid of the mold that is there? I don't want to use clorox again because there isn't a lot of ventilation down there, and it made my eyes burn last time.

What else can we do to make it dry out? We're going to put a french drain in the side yard and install gutters ASAP.
I've read that you should cover the dirt with plastic, but will that just cause mold to grow underneath? What else can be done to reduce the moisture? $200 for a dehumidifier isn't in the budget right now.
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Mold in Basement

The first thing you have to do is clean the whole thing then apply a chemical compound that will stop it from coming back. Your best resource for information can be found at:

Product information can be found at:

Putting down the plastic will act as a vapor barrier. Seal the sides with ducktape if you don't plan on putting in cement. If you’re still worried about mold under the plastic then spray the dirt as well. Properly sealing it will keep the spores from coming out from underneath. Cover with stone. Then some day lay cement, and you really want to buy a dehumidifier. $200 now or $1000's later and possible health issues.

Lastly you may need better ventilation for the crawl space or seal it up and get that dehumidifier.

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