relocating ducts to maximize ceiling ht

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relocating ducts to maximize ceiling ht

i have two sets of ac/heat ducts running down the length of my basement. one set runs right along side of a steel beam. the other main duct is on the other side of beam, but about 4-5 feet away. in this 4-5 feet of space is numerous electrical conduits, and a natural gas line that also run the length of my basement. i plan on a drywall ceiling for my basement with two heights (basically one height where there is either ducts or beams, and another height where i am clear of the utilities). here's the question. if i leave everything as is, i would box in the two sets of ducts and steel beam with one level as i do not think it would look good to jog the ceiling up in that 4-5 feet space. the other option i thought of was to move the one run of ductwork closer to the beam, under the existing electrical conduits. this way the boxed in (low ceiling height) section would be much smaller and the taller ceiling area would be much larger. some questions...
1) is it allowed to have ductwork covering up so much of the utilities 2) would i mess up the balance in my hvac by moving the ducts 4-5 feet over? 3) is this something a diy'er can do. (do you need special tools, can you get all the supplies at the local home depot.) 4) is this way too much work just to eek out a few more inches of ceiling height.

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The lowered ceiling areas you're referring to are called soffits and are common in finished basements in this area anyway.

If you've pulled permits on this & it has to be inspected, better run your idea by the inspector first, local code maybe a barrier.

As to the HVAC aspect, best to asks the pros, here's a link to their forum,
Ductwork & Ventilation

Just my $.02 worth, but I think I'd just frame around what you've got. Good luck!
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One thing to note about closing in the ceiling is that a lot of places it is code that all electrical junction boxes must be accessable. So you can put them behind drop ceiling but not drywall. Just something to note. If it is just wiring and no junction boxes there is nothing to worry about.
But still check some areas might have a code about clearence from duct work

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