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Question Bldg Permit

My house was built in 2002 with an unfinished full basement. A few months ago, I started finishing the basement myself. I now have it framed in and insulated for a guest bedroom, a full bath, and two large activity rooms (total 1500 sq. ft.). I have also completed the electrical wiring and installed wallboard in the bedroom. When I recently called a plumber to rough in the bath, I learned that I should have pulled a bldg. permit for the entire project.

If I get a permit now, will I have to remove all the insulation and the wallboard in the BR? Will I have to find an electrician who will sign off on the electrical work I have done? I don't object to getting a permit, but before I contact an inspector, I would like to know what to expect. Is it better to tell the inspector everything that's happened so far, or should I undo some things before requesting a permit? Finally, what are the consequences of completing the project myself without a permit?

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Undoing a few things may be the least of your worries. Depending on the layout, your basement bedroom may require the installation of an egress window - my brother-in-law had to do this and the window installation alone was nearly $10,000.
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You don't know it yet, but your in alot of trouble. Big no no, not getting a building permit. We see that alot here. So with that said, here is how you have to handle it. This is the only way. Go to your building permit department and plead 100% guilty. No excuses, no nothing, be humble, be sorry, don't argue, and throw yourself at their mercy, and ask for their help. Do exactly as they say. Do not argue with them. They have you by the you know what. If they feel like it, they can make life very miserable for you, and also very expensive also. Do not try to cover up your work or take something apart. They will spot that trick in a minute. They will have an inspector come over. Try not to talk with the inspector. Just be nice and polite. What ever he says is how it is going to be. They may give you some big fines, but then maybe not. Maybe some of your work is ok. If they say take off a piece of sheetrock, take it off. Yes, you will need an electrical permit. (State Law). Yes, you will need a plumbing permit. Yes, you will need an egress window in the bedroom in the basement.
Now you mentioned just skipping this process. This is even a bigger mistake. If you ever sell, it will turn up. If you ever have a fire, no fire insurance. All agencies already know how your house was, so no use in hiding it. It is time to cowboy up. Good Luck
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If you are lucky, the folks you deal with have grown tired of "I changed my mind, here's a new print" and will be somewhat grateful that you have "finalized" your proposal.

I believe the phrase is "as built"?

I once had a planning department throw 3 inches of blueprints at me and ask "which of these is the CURRENT plan?" No, that situation wasn't my doing, I inherited it.

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