minimum clearance

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minimum clearance

I posted this under 'architecture and codes', but no one has responded in 2 days, so maybe someone here can reply to my question. Basically, the room is 94" from floor to ceiling, except for the duct work that runs the length of the room for a 5' span...I have to build soffits for this, and because it is a 5' span, I need it to be strong...if I do this the way I see it, there will be roughly 81" - 80' of clearance by the time the drywall is hung...the problem being that the duct work hangs down in such a way that there is 83" - 84" clearance. I have read that most codes say that there must be 84" minimum clearance...I was wondering how this was calculated. The room will be 25' - 17', and 70% of the room will have a clearance of 94", except for this run down the length of the room. Can someone tell me if I will be okay. I obtained a permit from the city, so everything has to be up to snuff. I will contact them today, but can someone tell me how these building inspectors generally think? Thanks

I am sure I could ask my building inspector, but thought I would get some advice from this forum. I am finishing my basement, and there are 2 large heating duct work that runs the length of the room. I can't move the heating ducts because there is no where to move I am stuck with this. The duct work is on both sides of the support steel frame that runs the length of the room as such a way that it is about 5ft wide, and hangs down 83". I am thinking of using 2X4s along with 1/2" plywood to make the soffits to frame all the heating ducts togethr. If I do it this way, I will have about 80" clearance....the rest of the room is about 94". From a minimum clearance perspective, is this a problem? Are they any codes that define what is minimum height for a ceiling? I really see no way of framing this duct work and keeping a clearance of say, 7ft or so. Thanks
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its a miracle...I found some literature under the Ontario Buidling Code...the minimum clearance for duct work is 6'5", I am well within code.
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Glad you got it I have never ran into that down here . I was just thinking you said 7' well a door is just 6'8". Its come to a point down here we used to make a basement a 8' pour and 4" for the floor end up with just 7' 8" to work with . So now all basements here are a 10' pour. We have the room to work in them. ED

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